Join Bruce, founder of Chicago Beer Experience Beer Tours, as he walks you through some of Chicago's colorful history through beer.

This course pulls some of Bruce's favorite stories from our tours and live virtual classes that are highly-rated on TripAdvisor and have been enjoyed by over 17,000 people since 2011. 

Here's what's on tap for you on our Sip of Chicago Virtual Beer Tasting Course:

  • Learn how to taste beer and the basics behind certain beer styles.

  • Explore beer history, furthering comprehension.

  • Discover fun stories about Chicago's colorful past with beer-centric ties.

  • Taste 4 different styles of beer via our style and beer recommendations (BYOB).

  • Participate by filling out Beer Judging Sheets and answering quiz questions in each lesson.

Let's Start Tasting Beer!

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Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome!

    • Course Materials

    • How to Taste Beer

    • How to Judge Beer

  • 2

    1.1 Tasting #1: Pilsner

    • Tasting Pilsner

    • Beer Judging Sheet

  • 3

    1.2 Pilsner, Ales & Lagers

    • Pilsners, Ales & Lagers

  • 4

    1.3 Lager Beer Riots

    • Lager Beer Riots

    • Tasting 1 Quiz

  • 5

    2.1 Tasting #2: Saison

    • Tasting Saison

    • Beer Judging Sheet

  • 6

    2.2 Saison History

    • Saison History

  • 7

    2.3 Great Chicago Fire

    • Great Chicago Fire

    • Tasting 2 Quiz

  • 8

    3.1 Tasting #3: IPA

    • Tasting IPA

    • Beer Judging Sheet

  • 9

    3.2 IPA History

    • 3. IPA

  • 10

    3.3 The World's Columbian Exposition

    • The World's Columbian Exposition

    • Tasting 3 Quiz

  • 11

    4.1 Tasting #4: Porter

    • Tasting Porter

    • Beer Judging Sheet

  • 12

    4.2 Porter History

    • Porters & Stouts

  • 13

    4.3 Prohibition & Capone

    • Prohibition & Capone

  • 14

    Thank You!

    • Thank you!

Watch Intro Video

Course Preview

Bruce briefly discusses the Sip of Chicago Virtual Beer Tasting Course


Absolute Blast

Aaron B.

"This class is an absolute blast! It's personable, funny, and informative. Whether you're a beer expert or just an occasional beer drinker, this class has something for everyone!"

Engaging & Enthusiastic!

Lindsay S.

"This was such a fun quarantine activity! Even though it was a recorded class, it felt like Bruce was right there with us. He's so enthusiastic and really made the experience entertaining and enjoyable".

Perfect for Date Night

Liz K.

“Bruce is an approachable expert on all things beer! I enjoyed learning so much about beer with a healthy dose of history too. My husband & I took the class together in front of a fire for a rocking COVID Saturday night!”

Great Mix of Info

John S.

"A great mix of history, beer facts and trivia and fun. This is a class you can take alone or with your friends."


Founder, Chicago Beer Experience

Bruce White

Hello! I moved to Chicago after graduating from the University of Michigan Law School. After being laid off as a corporate attorney during the Great Recession, I took a part-time job leading food tours and absolutely loved it. What do I enjoy even more than food? BEER. Boom! an idea was born. I led my first tour in 2011, combining beer tastings and history with colorful Chicago stories, and the rest is history. With the help of super amazing tour guides, we've led over 15,000 tourists on our tours to high reviews. When COVID hit, we stopped leading in-person tours, and I switched to virtual tastings, something I never would have done previously. Now, I've led over 2,000 people over 80 classes and have had an absolutely blast. I am very excited to share this combined beer and history knowledge with you in a new, accessible format. I hope you'll join me on these beer adventures. Cheers!

Beer Tastings

If you are planning on tasting beer along with the class, here are the general beer style recommendations. This should allow you to participate anywhere in the world! Chicago-specific options are also provided. 

1. Pilsner Chicago specific tasting: Flywheel by Metropolitan Brewing 

2. Saison Chicago specific tasting: Apex Predator by Off Color Brewing 

3. IPA Chicago specific tasting: Son of Juice by Maplewood Brewing Company 

4. Porter Chicago specific tasting: Eugene Porter by Revolution Brewing Company 


  • How does the course work?

    Simple! First, sign up. Then, you will immediately be provided online access to the course that you can take at your own pace. There are also course materials and guidance provided at the start of the course.

  • How long is the course?

    In general, the course takes approximately 1.5 hours or so to complete, although this time may vary based on personal preferences in pacing and participation.

  • How do I participate with beer tastings?

    The course is BYOB. See "Beer Tastings" for recommended beer style guidelines allowing you to participate anywhere in the world. Chicago-centric beer options are also provided. This information is also included in the course materials upon purchase.

  • Do I need to take the course all at once?

    It is totally up to you how you would like to take the course, whether it be all at once or in smaller sections.

  • Do I need to take the course by a particular time?

    No. Upon payment, you are granted unlimited access to the course and there is no date expiration.

  • How much does the course cost?

    $20 for unlimited access and no expiration date.

  • Can I give this course as a gift?

    Absolutely! See the "A Perfect Gift" section above for more information.

  • More Questions?

    You can email us at

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